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Good Enough EP Zip

For two whole minutes, we linger here. Long enough for the sounds of insects and rattling grass to be joined by a clap of thunder. Long enough for the rain to begin to fall. The camera pulls back: there's something here. Signs of human life, buried by the passage of time, revealed by the falling rain. The dirt washes away, revealing the contours of a small, curved piece of glass.

Good Enough EP zip

By now, Nacho has realized that he was never supposed to make it out of Mexico, that Gus (Giancarlo Esposito) was always planning to have him killed. But the fact that he's still alive gives him enough leverage to cut a deal: not for his own safety, but for his father's.

This isn't a happy ending for Nacho, but it's a good one. His ending. His terms. His final resting place, marked by a broken zip tie and a bloodied shard of glass, where desert flowers bloom.

"I had worked myself very very hard for many many years and I never took a break, and last year, I had just become very very exhausted and ended up just not really in a good place physically and emotionally. I learned a little more about how to work hard but also how to be healthy and take care of myself, and now, in general, in my life, I'm in a really good, happy place."

Following the release of Carey's album Butterfly in 1997, she began working on a film and soundtrack project titled at that time as All That Glitters.[7] However, Columbia Records and Carey were also working on a greatest hits album to be released in time for Thanksgiving season in November 1998.[7] Carey put All That Glitters on hold and her greatest hits album #1's was released in November 1998.[7] Carey put the project on hold again to record her album Rainbow (1999). After the album ran its course, Carey wanted to finish the film and soundtrack project. But by this time, Carey and her now ex-husband Tommy Mottola, head of her record company Columbia, did not have a good working or personal relationship. Mottola wanted Carey off the label and Carey wanted to leave; however, she still owed Columbia one more album to fulfill her contract. Virgin Records stepped in and offered to pay Columbia $20 million to let Carey out of her contract early so that they could sign her for a $100 million deal.[8]

Carey's cover of the 1982 Indeep song "Last Night a D.J. Saved My Life" was one of the album's more club-themed songs.[14] It features rappers Fabolous and Busta Rhymes, and was composed and produced by Carey and DJ Clue.[14] Michael Paoletta from Billboard called it a "painful low" on Glitter, and commented how Carey seemed detached and over-powered on the song, due to the inclusion of several male guests.[23] "Twister", another one of the album's ballads, drew strong comparisons to Carey's older work, in light of the very different remainder of the album. Paoletta called it "quietly heartbreaking", in reference to the song's lyrics, which relate to the suicide of Carey's friend and hairstylist, Tonjua Twist.[24] According to Carey, Twist took her own life in the spring of 2000, and was known for her joy of life and her ability to put people at ease.[24] She was "child like and effervescent", but behind her mask of happiness was "a well" of lifelong and deep-rooted pain.[24] In "Twister", Carey described the hidden inner-struggle of her friend, and tried to find "closure"; her "way of saying goodbye".[24] Chris Chuck from Daily News described its lyrics as "an airy requiem for a friend lost to suicide" and felt it was "the only memorable song on the album."[14] With lyrics reading "Feelin' kinda fragile and I've got a lot to handle / But I guess this is my way of saying goodbye", David Browne from Entertainment Weekly felt that Carey was possibly referring to her own suicide rather than her friends, especially in light of the events that were taking place during the album's release.[13] "Didn't Mean to Turn You On" is a cover of the 1984 Cherelle song of the same title.[19] Aside from the heavy sampling of the hook and lyrics, Carey, who produced the song alongside Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, added keyboard notes and synthesizers to enhance the songs club appeal.[19] In the song, Carey sings "I was only trying to be nice / Only trying to be nice / Sooooooo, I didn't mean to turn you on", indicating a woman who is weakly apologetic over fooling a man over intimacy.[19] On the track "Want You", American singer Eric Benét duets with Carey, while lyrically implying and suggesting the "exploration of bedroom fantasies."[19]

Heather Vaughn from The Free-Lance Star gave Glitter a positive review, complimenting both the dance-oriented tracks, as well as the ballads.[18] In reference to their weight on the album as a whole, Vaughn wrote "Sounds like Mariah's other albums, but with more of an 80s twist. The ballads really let you hear how stunning her voice actually is."[18] Los Angeles Times critic and writer Natalie Nichols gave Glitter two out of a possible four stars, writing how Carey let the album "reflect the synth-driven robo-funk of that wretched decade."[39] Nichols called the album's covers "tepid and pointless", while agreeing that Carey was overwhelmed by the many guest rappers, calling her voice "semi-disguised".[39] Rob Sheffield from Rolling Stone gave the album three out of five stars, criticizing the ballads as "big and goopy, with zero melodic or emotional punch."[40] Aside from the ballads, Sheffield felt Glitter failed to deliver the success or quality that Carey needed on her debut film and soundtrack.[40] He concluded his review of the album with a comparison to Whitney Houston's massive The Bodyguard (1992), "Mariah still hasn't found her theme song, the one people will remember her voice by. Glitter is good enough to make you hope she finds it."[40] Slant Magazine editor Sal Cinquemani awarded Glitter three out of five stars, writing "Carey's edgier tracks are inundated with so many guest artists that her sound ultimately becomes muddled; her pop tunes are so formulaic that it's difficult to distinguish one from the next."[17] USA Today's Edna Gunderson rated the album one and a half out of four stars, criticizing Carey's overall image for the project, as well as the many guest artists on the record.[41] She described Carey as "cheapening her image" and wrote "The whiff of desperation grows more pungent on 'Glitter' in Carey's gratuitous coloratura and transparent enlistment of street-cred boosters such as rappers Ja Rule and Mystikal.[41]

Cheap binders are as plentiful, if not more so, than good binders. They damage pretty easily with scratches showing up after just a few days of use and the rings usually bend pretty easily or the spine might start to fall apart.

NOTE: A "Chemical Substance Definition" in the DF field provides important identification information for certain Class 2 substances having "Preferred CA Index Names" that are not specific or complete enough to permit unambiguous identification of the substance or the category to which it belongs.

I tried with regex like --> splunk search query... regex url="//.+?/.+?.(zipdocdocxxlsxlsx)$" This regex works and picks up quite a few urls that are ending with the file extensions mentioned in teh regex, can someone provide me with abetter regex or confirm if what i have above is good enough

* I might separate out the different analyses under zip code-level and zip code by age (each its own paragraph). Particulalry for the regression and interpretation of adjustment, there is enough to warrant separating it out. I had a bit of a hard time matching them up with figures an results as I went through ti.

* For Figure 3, I do know that it common enough that vaccination rates seem to exceed population estimates, though it is still odd to see. Most of the approaches to exclusion or missing data would seem to underreport vaccination rates. I am not sure if there is any strategy to address it, but could consider truncating at 100%. Would address the approaches to this in the methods.

1. There have been some concerns about the accuracy of vaccine coverage data from state and local health department vaccine registries. The authors mention many of the reasons why there are some limitations to the data. However, one that they don't mention is that accurately estimating vaccine coverage requires linkage of longitudinal information across individuals (i.e., dose 1, dose 2, and booster doses). If there is not good matching, this can result in underestimating or overestimating coverage. When fully vaccinated person A's dose 1 and dose 2 are not linked, it could be counted as two individuals with single doses of vaccine only. When person B and person C's first doses are incorrectly linked, then one person will be counted as fully vaccinated and not two as under vaccinated. etc. I am not sure how much of an issue this is for Massachusetts, but the authors may have some information worth sharing in the article about the data quality of the numerator. In other jurisdictions and nationally, there have been some implausible estimates of coverage by race/ethnicity, particularly on the higher end. But they may want to say more about the data generating mechanisms and data sources for the numerator data.

Computers are now essential in all branches of science, but most researchers are never taught the equivalent of basic lab skills for research computing. As a result, data can get lost, analyses can take much longer than necessary, and researchers are limited in how effectively they can work with software and data. Computing workflows need to follow the same practices as lab projects and notebooks, with organized data, documented steps, and the project structured for reproducibility, but researchers new to computing often don't know where to start. This paper presents a set of good computing practices that every researcher can adopt, regardless of their current level of computational skill. These practices, which encompass data management, programming, collaborating with colleagues, organizing projects, tracking work, and writing manuscripts, are drawn from a wide variety of published sources from our daily lives and from our work with volunteer organizations that have delivered workshops to over 11,000 people since 2010. 041b061a72

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