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Fallout 4 Dlc Free Download [NEW]

Unfortunately for me and for anyone else who was hoping this was an early holiday gift, it turns out it was literally too good to be true. Two days after the pricing mishap Microsoft announced that it would be revoking the licenses for those free games from anybody who was able to download them, releasing the below statement to users:

Fallout 4 Dlc Free Download

Our pricing error on Fallout 4 has been fixed and your free download will no longer work. For the inconvenience we will deposit $10 by the end of June in your Microsoft Account. This expires one year from the time it was deposited.

Elsewhere there is Mr. Driller Online on Live Arcade. It is really rather good, although there have been reports of rather a lot of bugs. Or you can treat yourself to the much-awaited Call of Duty 4 Variety Map Pack, which is now on Live. At 800 Microsoft Points it's not cheap, but there are four fresh scenarios to tactically stalk your way around like a real army soldier. Unconfirmed for PC so far, frustratingly, and those with the PS3 version will have to wait around three weeks for more maps. But on the plus-side you can buy the Game of the Year Edition out for Xbox 360 and get a free token to download it.

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