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[S9E7] Blinded

He then switched to low-risk victims. While these victims were still alive, Bradstone would torture them by dripping a sulfuric acid solution onto their faces in such a way that it would destroy one of their five senses. He blinded both Abby Elcott and Beth Westerly by dripping acid on their eyes with a turkey baster, taking away their sense of sight after stapling their eyes open; the latter also had her nostrils burnt to take away her sense of smell. His murder of Sarah only involved her mouth being burnt; he did this by pouring acid down her mouth and throat to take away her sense of taste. During his attempted murder of Tammy, he managed to burn her hands by putting them in dishes with acid to take away her sense of touch. The bodies of his victims were dumped in alleys, with the exception of Beth Westerly, who was dumped in a field. He would also record himself torturing and killing his victims with a handheld camera, keeping the tapes as trophies and putting them in protective cases with his victims' first names written on them.

[S9E7] Blinded

In general, I think James Spader as Robert California is underrated. Armed now with distance from the show's finale, the character's blend of equal parts strangeness, competency, and pure idiocy is strangely funny. I think we were all blinded by Steve Carell's absence at the time. 041b061a72

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